We Are Ghosts

Every few months, each time in a different location, meets a group of musicians in a studio stage or in a desolated location. Hesitantly, they take their position, plug in their instruments, tune their effects. They breathe in. And then… silence. The RECORD button is pressed and slowly, one by one, they start to play, with no written music, no predetermined direction or any rehearsals.

This is NOT a jam session. It’s musical telepathy.

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Scorpio 70

Once called Juden Krautrock by an Israeli DJ – this is what it might sound like if Fassbinder was to direct a sci-fi porno B-flick with Neu! designated on the soundtrack.
Scorpio 70 is the result of locking up 4 imaginative musicians in a recording studio with a bunch of instruments & analog toys – the result is soundtrack for a 70’s wet dream in space!

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The Chill Marks

A musical collaboration between the enigmatic artist known as Silkysmooth Gal & Morphlexis – both never met before but maintain a musical dialog via the world wide web. researching the deep voids of pop & reverb.

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Morphlexis [AKA Benjamin Esterlis]

Originally emerged from the independent music & art scene in Jerusalem in the late 90’s (his first two LP’s were released by the legendary “Fact Records” – a label which changed the face of the alternative Israeli music scene since), the artist known as Morphlexis has developed a unique sound: a combination of analog synths & vintage organs with updated electronic sound & the acoustic warmth of guitars pondered by repetitive rock & roll drums – all packed with Morphlexis’s warm voice & inner-visioned lyrics.

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Yehuda Ledgley

Yehuda Ledgley, a Canadian-Israeli singer & songwriter who now resides in Los-Angeles – considered as one of the unique voices who emerged from the Israeli indie music scene and was hailed as a true Jerusalem Folk Legend.


Shany Kedar & Benjamin Esterlis

Shany Kedar and Benjamin Esterlis met at a record store in Jerusalem in early 2005. After exchanging some gifts from each other’s personal music collection, Shany, then a young graphic design student and novice musician, asked Benjamin, an established Israeli indie electronic musician releasing music under the pseudonym Morphlexis, if he would help her produce her first album. He obliged.
This marks their collaboration in various projects such as “Comfort You – Songs by Other People”.

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