New Release: Benjamin Esterlis – The Blue Bay

On November 25, 2015

What is The Blue Bay? Musical coordinates to a parallel dimension of golden shores caressed by the sweetest of waves? A tracklist of a nightly radio program which broadcast beyond the range of the local FM dial? A dreamy soundtrack hued by the soft glow of an unknown episode of “The Love Boat”, played from a worn out VHS tape?

Yes, yes and definitely YES.

Israeli artist Benjamin Esterlis is shedding his nom de guerre Morphlexis and returns to his birth name for an intimate solo project that will surely warm your ears & hearts.

The Blue Bay was recorded over six months on an old 4-track machine, using acoustic and vintage analog equipment and resulted in a weird little classic lo-fi pop album [including a twisted little cover to The Doors classic “Light My Fire”].

Recently, Esterlis also produced and took part in various Israeli indie projects,including the critically acclaimed experimental collective We Are Ghosts and the krautrock trio Scorpio 70.

\\ The album “The Blue Bay” is now available on a limited edition cassettes & CD-R’s [numbered & signed + a real Blue Bay postcard!] & also for digital download.