New Release: Trixerin – Sideseeing

On May 16, 2017

Distant voices echoing in the woods, ghostly whispers spread across a smoked-up medieval halls, shadows of urban fairies lost on the sidewalks of a gray foreign town taken from the writings of Charles Dickens – all of this & more take part in the flickering fragile world weaved by Trixerin’s voice & her soft guitar strums.

Trixerin is a singer-songwriter which creates a mixture of dream-folk inspired by the Greek & Irish cultures, medieval history & old folklore fairy tales. Her debut studio album “Sideseeing” [which took a year & half to produce] is scheduled to be released in May 2017.

Music and Lyrics by Trixerin
Production by Amir Groman
Recorded at Gromania Studios 2015 by Amir Groman.
Art by Diana Naneva aka Functional Neighbor;
Graphic design: Stav Levi

ThankU: Timora.; Tlulit; Erez S; Boaz&Anna; Stav&Sasha; Mum; Inbara; Lia S; Zachal; Shoshi S; Tal S; Selena; Dassi; Orsho; Yehi BlazeBar; Elisha L; Morphlexis; Sagol59; Zachi Ashan Hazman; Itay Martef10; Tal F; Yolanta; Michelle A, and Amir- you are amazing ppl., and I’m lucky to have you as friends.