New Release: We Are Ghosts – Holy Market Nocturnes

On May 3, 2016

Mahane Yehuda market at night is a weird & wondrous place.
After all the vegetables, fruits & food stands emptied & abandoned, the lights are slowly dimmed while people start to change from consumers to audience. from the back alleys & the narrow passageways gathered a group of musicians & start to install their music equipment & pile up the gear while the recording engineer installs the mics & began to net the cables. little more then an hour later the record button is pressed and from the amps slowly embarks a dreamy sounds that vibrate the market space for the first [& the last] time into the ears & hearts of the captivated audience.


Recorded entirely in one take, without rehearsals or overdubs at Mahane Yehuda Market [Jerusalem] in front of live audience 16/03/2016.

\\ We Are Ghosts:

Shany Kedar – vocals, percussion, melodica
Orri Dror – bass, guitar, percussion, melodica
Danny Raveh – drums, percussion
Guy Bibi – percussion
Yehonatan Sofrin – guitar, percussion
Morphlexis – guitar, bass, vocal, percussion
Idan Peleg – keyboards, vocoder
Oggi the dawg – barks


Recording engineer – Roei Luster
Soundboard – Elad Ben-Harush
mix, mastering & cover design – Morphlexis

Special thanks to Elad Ben-Harush, “Ruach Chadasha | רוח חדשה”, Roei Luster, the market people who played-dance-passed-by & especially to Oggi the dawg who brilliantly knew when to bark <3 ▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼